5 ways to prepare for reopening


# 1 Create a Covid 19 plan

Take a moment and write down your plan of action. This plan will be used later for marketing activities if you show that you take the safety of customers and employees seriously. Name it your COVID-19 security plan and review it if necessary. Add the necessary checklist, new protocols, security procedures, social distancing and marketing.

# 2 Respect social distancing

You were now in a shop with the stickers on the floor. You saw the signs that said no more than 10 people or less. They noticed that some doors are marked as entrances and others as exits, and there are even plastic signs in front of the counters. You need to consider similar procedures. Gather the necessary materials and signage to meet your COVID 19 plan.

# 3 Make a cleaning schedule

Consumers will determine whether your business is clean, organized, and safe to enter. Make sure you recreate your cleaning schedule and have all the necessary items. Create a new schedule, add it to your daily calendar and make sure your employees are fully familiar with the new procedures. Integrate inspection times and checklists for quality control.

# 4 Market your Covid 19 plan

With the reopening of businesses, consumers will look for locations that have clearly marketed their COVID-19 security plan. Large franchises as well as other small businesses that have

Already remained open to do this very well and for some it has really increased their number. When you start marketing your back open to the business, follow your plan and protocols. Consumers will notice and ensure that they enter a safe environment.

# 5 Respect the process

This process of reopening will constantly adapt as our managers assess the current environment. Just as many people who are ready to work as usual, there are others who will remain excessively cautious for some time to come. If you base your plan on caution, more open consumers will respect these procedures. The lack of a “COVID-19 security plan” will undoubtedly lose some consumers. The faster we stick to security protocols, the faster we can all go back to work as usual.

Resources to prepare for reopening or reopening during COVID-19

Customizable flyer for companies to communicate with customers

Coronavirus Response Toolkit for businesses

Operational Toolkit For companies considering opening or expanding operations in COVID-19

NM department guide for workforce solutions Back to work and user interface during COVID-19

Retailers and businesses require employees to wear facewear

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Tuesday urged entrepreneurs to prepare for the first phase of the reopening of New Mexico while the state continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. View press release

Check out the governor’s reopening plan Here,

Check-In for Los Alamos Business – TODAY

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List of federal grants 08.05.20

Attached you will find the latest Federal Grants Advisory. If you see grants for which you would like a letter of support when applying, please contact Steven Ortega and / or Patricia Dominguez. If you would like to receive these email messages, email Patricia Dominguez to add them to the distribution list.

Steven Ortega, NM Delegation Office, Washington, D.C.
Email: Steven_Ortega@tomudall.senate.gov
Office: (202) 224-8962

Patricia Dominguez, Sales Representative, Office of the U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich von NM, 123 E. Marcy St., Suite 103, Santa Fe, NM 87501

E: Patricia_Dominguez@Heinrich.Senate.Gov
T: (505) 988-6647

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The Chamber, MainStreet and LACDC are funding a new program to support community support through the purchase of gift cards and online sales as part of the state’s BUY FOR TOMORROW TODAY campaign at: www.BuyNMLocal.com.

Create a quick, free profile on the New Mexico Economic Development Department website at “Buy for Tomorrow Today” at www.BuyNMLocal.com. The idea is to direct traffic to individual company websites that are set up for the sale of gift cards and online sales.

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