Kelowna SEO Company Highlights Growing Importance of SEO as More People Shop Online During COVID-19 Pandemic – Press Release

The Sherman Hu Kelowna, BC, Canada-based SEO agency wants to highlight the growing importance of SEO for businesses as more people shop online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a UNCTAD study, there has been a 6-10 percentage point increase in online purchases in most product categories as consumers self-isolate and stay at home as much as possible to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. According to Forbes, 61 percent of consumers don’t return to a mobile website that is difficult to access. In a Moz report, organic search is 5.66 times more likely to get clicked than paid search.

Sherman Hu Kelowna SEO Agency

The COVID-19 pandemic has also encouraged more business owners to sell their products or services online. For example, consultants are now offering private online sessions. More and more schools are offering more online learning options. Brick and more retail stores have started opening ecommerce stores, and more restaurants are introducing online ordering.

Sherman Hu says, “It is important to know that the real winners of 2020 were companies that previously invested in online marketing. Consumer spending did not go away; They just changed the way they bought things. Online ordering became key to business survival during this period. For example, Chipotle reported that digital sales increased 216.3 percent year over year to $ 892.3 million in Q2 2020, with online sales accounting for 60.7 percent of total sales. “

The Kelowna SEO The specialist also noted that consumer spending has increased, as evidenced by a 15.1 percent increase in online sales on Cyber ​​Monday 2020. Consumers had spent a record $ 10.9 billion on Cyber ​​Monday. And as people get used to ordering online, they are unlikely to go back to their previous buying habits. It’s easy to see that the businesses that will survive and thrive in 2021 can quickly adapt to these new buying habits.

Hence, businesses need a quality website, custom SEO, and online visibility. Sherman Hu can help businesses create quality websites with relevant and detailed content, easy-to-use navigation, and helpful resources that online shoppers will find useful.

And search engine optimization, or SEO, is likely to be the number one marketing strategy for businesses as they focus on online sales. According to Sherman Hu, the key is to outperform competitors’ online marketing efforts and this is where his SEO firm can help. He suggests that business owners follow a simple three step process to get a website that appears on the first page of search engine results with significant online visibility that leads to more customers. The first step is for business owners to call or contact Sherman Hu to schedule an appointment to discuss the client’s specific goals for the business. In the second step, Sherman Hu and his team will develop a bespoke online marketing plan. The third step is to capitalize on the increased traffic to the website, the increased calls, bookings and sales.

The goal will be for the next six to twelve months during which the business will grow due to the increased online visibility. The SEO agency determines the basic metrics for the company and monitors traffic and conversions. For the first 30 days, they will help optimize the website, Google Maps listings, and other company resources. They also offer a money back guarantee.

Entrepreneur looking for one Kelowna SEO Marketing Agency You might want to visit his Kelowna SEO website or contact Sherman Hu by phone or email.

Most companies lack the time and expertise to run Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing to get results. Leveraging 18 years of award-winning SEO and Google Trusted Street View photographer, Sherman Hu helps businesses stand out from the competition and get more leads that turn into customers.



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